Client: Geo-track Engineering

Project: Snowy and south coast region fire tower upgrades.

In 2014 and again in 2015 Roddy Engineering were awarded the contract for repair ad upgrade works on fire towers across the snowy and south coast regions. The locations were quiet remote with some of the towers only reachable by 4x4 and the environment was unforgiving with work crews experiencing rain, hail, snow and sunshine, often all in the matter of hours. The scope of work was too fully restore the predominately fibreglass cabins, replace, repair and bring to standard access ladders and stairs, install security fencing, signage and the installation of lightning protection systems.

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Client: Demag Cranes and components Pty Ltd

Project: Mechanical Overhaul of overhead Cranes across the Snowy Hydro’s 9 power stations.

The project spanned for four years, fabrication works were completed in our factory before being taken to site where it was installed to bring the structure’s into australian standard. The mechanical components such as the drive motors, hoists and brakes were stripped down and either refurbished or replaced. After completion our coatings team rebirthed the crane with a new lick of paint to keep it looking great for another 50 years.

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Client: Snowy Hydro Limited

Project: T1 Unit 4 Upgrade of pipework.

This project called for the replacement of the Cooling water pipework, Main inlet valve pipework, control water pipework and associated fittings. All pipework under 100nb which was previously carbon was refabricated out of stainless steel. The high pressure MIV was welded with flux core wire using our top of the line ewm machines which meant we are able to save money and meet deadlines for the project completion. Our scope also called for a comprehensive Manufacture’s Data Report (MDR). An extensive document that ensured that all Quality Assurance Documents and Regulations were in compliance.

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Client: Kotzur

Project: Facility upgrade – Cotton Seed Distribution  Wee Waa

The CSD facility is one of many mechanical installs we have completed for Kotzur. The installations of these facilities involve the install of silo’s, structural steel, stairs, walkways, conveyors, chute’s, bucket elevator’s and processing equipment.

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Client: Snowy Hydro Limited

Project: Snowy Hydro T3 Scheme Modernisation project

Roddy Engineering were responsible for the mechanical overhaul of T3's six Generating Units.

Our role was to Strip the generating units down and then rebuild them after all components were refurbished, It was a large project in which one unit was refurbished each year with one unit taking approximately nine months to complete. The project spanned for six years. work was completed while working alongside an electrical team completing an electrical components overhaul.

Our pipe crews removed all piping within the station and replaced it with new with majority of the work completed at the temporary workshop set up for the duration of the project .

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Client: Leed Engineering

Project: Tumbarruma Sewrage Treatment Plat Upgrade

Roddy Engineering won the tender for the steel works package for the STP.

The package included many aluminium handrails, hatches walkways and stairs. The design and install of equipment shelters as well as stainless steel piping, trash racks and mounting brackets.

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