Our Team

Here at Roddy Engineering, we are proud of our staff and the skills they bring. Meet the team below:

Nick Roddy_Family.jpg

Nick Roddy

Managing Director

From: Tumut ‘Home of the Blues’

Best part of your Role: Helping the apprentices grow into competent and professional tradesman, I take great pride in seeing them become confident in their ability. It’s also deeply rewarding to see these guys giving back to the business and their local community using the skills and values they learned here at Roddy’s.

Hobbies/What I do for fun: I love to challenge myself by learning and doing new things that are outside my comfort zone. Last year I took up Toastmasters as I have a genuine fear of public speaking, this hasn’t been my greatest success to date… I also took up CrossFit and attended a few personal development seminars. I Love all sports, I am a raiders fanatic but most of all I love spending my time with my wife and children.

Favourite Quote: I have two……

‘Nothing in this world worth having will come easy’ (unknown)

‘No legacy is so rich as honesty’ (William Shakespeare)

Best (clean) Joke: What did one Maori statue say to the other Maori statue?........ Statue Bro?


Scott Roddy

Operations Director

Town: Tumut Lacmalac (Gods Country)

Best part of your Role: Working within a great team environment consisting of tradesmen Apprentices and administration staff it is extremely satisfying to know that our team of workers are all passionate and dedicated to deliver the highest quality of workmanship and are contributing to the upkeep of Roddy Engineering reputation.

Hobbies/What I do for fun: My favorite time would have to be down the coast with my family relaxing at the beach and for hobbies I’m into motorbike riding, playing Aus tag and watching the Footy……NRL. Up the Bulldogs!!

Favourite Quote: “Never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life.”

Best (clean) Joke: Why aren’t koalas actual bears? ….They don’t meet the koalafications.


Maureen Stathis (Mo)

Office Manager

From: Originally the family farm at Gilmore but for over 40 years, Tumut is home.

Role:  Office Manager - I get to do plenty of everything from customer service, wages, invoicing, work health safety, banking, vehicle management and anything else that I can do to keep things ticking along.

Best part of my role:  Meeting the customers either face to face or on the phone. Working with all these lovely blokes, who appreciate what I do and who all have a great sense of humour, which makes my job such fun.

Hobbies/Fun: Reading books (I always have a book on the go), watching movies, desktop publishing, music & singing, knitting and socializing with family and friends over a glass of wine.

 Favourite Quote:  If all else fails, cheat like hell!!

 Best Joke:  I say no to alcohol, it just doesn’t listen.

Peter Crowe _Family.JPG

Peter Crowe

Workshop Manager

From: Tumut ‘Home of the Lippers’

Best part of my Role: Plain & simple “The Challenge “ It’s the satisfaction of working through the complex projects with our guys & seeing the great end results. It’s the pleasure of being able to share my knowledge & skills with the younger tradesman & apprentices offering advice, teaching them what I have learnt through my experiences & watching them develop into respected tradesmen.

Hobbies: It’s the simple life; Playing cricket in the summer, fly fishing in the autumn, skiing with my wife & children in winter then helping out on the family farm in between.

Favourite Quote: ‘When you are enthusiastic about what you do you feel this positive energy. It’s very simple’ (Paulo Coelho)

Best (clean) Joke: What did the Buddhist ask the hot dog vendor? “make me one with everything”