How to Achieve Deadlines...

How to Achieve A Deadline

We know here at Roddy Engineering our reputation for delivering a professional and intelligent service is the biggest thing we can rely on, and our reputation is generally based on two things: the quality of your work, and how well we meet deadlines.
We pride ourselves on the ability to meet our deadlines, so here are a few tips on how we achieve it:

1. We Care about deadlines. This is the first step, as many people are very lax about deadlines. Our team are very serious about meeting them, and make them a priority.

2. List your projects & deadlines. If you care about deadlines, you'll write them down, and have them somewhere you and the team can check often to make sure you know what's due and when.

3. Communicate your deadline. A deadline needs to be communicated so there is no confusion. Ensure that the team, the clients, your suppliers or anyone else involved in the project are aware of the deadline.

4. Clear and Concise outcomes. You, your team and the client should both agree on a clearly defined outcome. Don't skip this step, or you could be sorry later.

5. Time Management. Break down the project into steps, allocate the time for each step in your diary in hours/days etc. Add a little extra time too because you know, that anything that could happen, will happen!

6. Communicate with each step. Communication is key in keeping your clients (and spouse) happy!

7. Learn from mistakes. If you miss a deadline, take some time to reflect (even include key members of your team) and analyse what went wrong and how you can avoid that in the future.

8. Get it done. If you planned badly, or just procrastinated, and you're up against a tight deadline, do whatever it takes to meet it. If that means working extra hours. Get it Done!

Words by Nick Roddy

Nicholas Roddy