Ok I stuffed up, That’s Great!!

Let's face it, everyone makes mistakes. Were human, and regardless of your occupation, IQ or gender at some stage you're going to stuff up and that’s great……… if you're getting the most out of your mistakes.

As a business owner I see and make (believe it or not) mistakes a lot, it’s embarrassing, frustrating and can be costly. However much your pride is dinted, and you want to put your head in the sand it won’t help.

First thing first you need to own your mistake. Don’t play the blame game.... blaming others halts any learning.

Once you’ve owned your mistake, it’s no longer a mistake but an opportunity to learn. What went wrong, when did it go wrong and why did it go wrong?

Most importantly how do we stop this from happening again? Where there any key skills we could have used, what resources could we have used, where we lacking in know how?

The great things about mistakes in a team's environment is that everyone gets the opportunity to learn from the one mistake. We call them free lessons, so make sure everyone gets the lesson!!

‘The proactive approach to a mistake is to acknowledge it instantly, correct and learn from it’. Stephen Covey

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Nicholas Roddy