Every step is a dollar

4 tips to increase efficiency on your next project

Having the right tools for the job

Recently we completed a project that involved tightening over 12,000 bolts! Could you imagine the frustration and time wasted if I sent the team out with spanners and a shifter? Morale and productivity would have fell through the floor. Not having the right tools impacts productivity which ultimately affects the bottom dollar on any project. To make sure you get the best result for your project and keep the team on your good side make sure you have the right tools. For the record each team member was equipped with two battery rattle guns to save time on swapping sockets over.

Figure 1. The layout area for our current piping project.

Figure 1. The layout area for our current piping project.

Get Organised.

When your super busy with your project it is important to stay organised. An untidy workplace can lead to unproductivity and can be a hazard. Keep your team safe and on top of the project by spending time planning your project and ensure you know what tools, supplies and plant and people are needed and when there needed.  So, no costly hold ups. Keep your project area tidy and tooling clean and set out in an order to maximise efficiency and keep team members safe. Finally make sure you take time to keep yourself organised!!

Analyse Your Workflow

A few years ago, we moved into a large 2700sq meter shed. Lots of room for big projects. One of the first things we noticed was the amount of time it took an employee to walk from one end of the shed to the other to get some tooling or supplies. We Look at it as though every step an employee takes away from the job costs us a dollar. What we did is implement work trolleys at each station that stocked consumables, common tooling and supplies, hence cutting down time away from the project they were working on. At least once a year we map out our facility and evaluate what went well and what could be improved with the projects that we had through the building that year.

Figure 2. January 2019 Facility Layout

Figure 2. January 2019 Facility Layout

Clear and concise communication

Employee communication is a big area of inefficiency in most businesses.  Clear direction (written is best) is vital in ensuring that your next project runs efficiently, and it is less likely there will be a misunderstanding. It is more likely also that employees will feel empowered if they have a clear set of guidelines and goals that they are held accountable too.

In teamwork, silence isn’t golden, it’s deadly.
- Mark Sanborn

Nicholas Roddy