‘Don’t forget to pack your charger’ – Hayden Nolden

This month we catch up with Hayden Nolden. Hayden has been working for Roddy’s for 8 years now and has plenty of experience with working away from home.

Hayden tell me about working away from home at Roddy’s?

Well I’m on the road quite regularly, although the duration that I’m away can vary from job to job depending on what we do. Mostly I have done mechanical install work on my trips away which has helped me in getting my mechanical fitting trade

What have been some of the more favourable places you have been while working away?
I really enjoyed working in Caboolture last year. We weer installing a tube bank and pressure welding pipe which I really like. We had a good crew of blokes and enjoyed our time together outside of work visiting a few places nearby.

I also enjoyed working at Manildra, it was interesting work. We built silos from scratch and installed all the running gear, so I learnt a heap. Manildra is a very small town and we stayed at the local pub, we met a heap of new people and had a good time hanging out with them.

What is your favourite thing about working away from home?

Learning new skills. We do a lot of different things when working away compared to what we do in the workshop, it keeps my job exciting and keeps me thinking. Its also better money so it helps set me up for the future.

What is your biggest dislike about working away from home?

It can be tough being away from friends and family, we are lucky we don’t work away for months on end. Sometimes I think my girlfriend enjoys me going away… (laughs)

What is your best tip for those new to working away?

Don’t forget your phone charger and always pack extra pair of undies because you never know what could happen………… I mean with work, you could get asked to work extra days.

Sure Hayden…. Thanks!!

Nicholas Roddy