Are you ready for the skills Crisis?

According to Gene Tilbrook, deputy chairman of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), Australian policy makers need to do more to address an emerging skills crisis in the Australian workforce. Other leading company directors at the round house table forum also urged business to play a far more active role in helping develop the workers of the future.

 We subscribe to this theory and believe it to be important to focus on upskilling and cross skilling team members. Many of our tradesman hold dual qualifications and high-risk tickets. Here are some of the benefits for employees and businesses:


  •  Upskilling workers Increases job satisfaction and keeps employees motivated.

  • Gives employees a better chance for promotion because skilled employees are more versatile/flexible and more knowledgeable than someone who performs just the one job role.

  • Skilled employees are often empowered to share their knowledge. This aids in the upskilling of employees and saves on recruitment costs and time!

  • It also makes employees feel valued.


  • Having highly skilled staff keeps your business agile and responsive which helps in advancing the goals and objectives of the business.

  • Flexible, multi-trained employees means that absenteeism can be covered more easily.

  • Having employees with a large skill base in a trade services business like ours means we can offer more value to our customers

  • Having cross skilled employees promotes an efficient work force as people can be directed to help others out when the business dictates.

  • When employees are valued it leads to a happier workforce. A happier workforce is usually a more productive one.

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Nicholas Roddy