We're for Community

At Roddy engineering were trying to build a better future for our clients, for our selves and for our community. We try to add value through service and contribution. It’s important to keep our team engaged with the local community it helps us grow as individuals, it can be very rewarding helping to build a stronger, better community and it feels good having a positive impact in life.

Shout out to all the volunteers and supporters who work tirelessly and most time thanklessly to give back to the community. Here are a few local organisations we have supported over the years a special thanks to all the stars who keep these organisations running!


Tumut Blues

Tumut Minor League.jpg

Tumut Minor League

Tumut Bulls Rugby Club.jpg

Tumut Bulls

Tumut Basketball.jpg

Tumut Basketball

Tumut Art Society.jpg

Tumut Art Society


Brungle Blood Lines.jpg

Brungle Blood Lines

Tumuts Roddy Shield.jpg

Tumut Roddy Shield

Pub 9’s

Tumut Takes 2.jpg

Tumut Takes 2

Tumut Rodeo Club.jpg

Tumut Rodeo Club

Hammy Cup.jpg

Hammy Cup

Tumut Can Assist.jpg

Tumut Can Assist

Nicholas Roddy