Building a winning team...

Nothing speaks more about company then having a team that is built to win. Here are some very important keys in building a winning team that we use here at Roddy Engineering.


A Clear and Common Goal. Its important that the team all have the same vision, a clear and compelling goal for the future. Do you know what direction you are heading?

Recognition and rewards. Every week we have a toolbox meeting and if we feel one of the team has excelled in living out our values, we award them. A little bit of recognition and appreciation goes a long way. You can keep up to date on our Facebook Page

Team Building Events. Team building events are great for strengthening the bond between employees, improving communication and

Hire on your core values. Growth as a company is one of our goals, it’s essential that our new team members are the right fit culturally so this can happen.  Its important that any new employees have the right experience level and skill set but most of all they must share our core values, that’s a must.

If you don’t support our core values, you can’t stay. This is a no brainer for us,  If a team member consistently engages in behaviour that contradicts our core values, we know that it ultimately impacts their personal performance, the performance of the team as well as the performance of the company.

Personal Growth Plans. Do you have a clear path to becoming a better version of yourself, both professionally and personally? If you are part of our team you can expect to have a growth plan and clear expectations on your outcomes.

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Nicholas Roddy